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Kingspan Rhino

Suitable for storage of water with pH values ranging from 3 to 7 including drinking water, fire water wastewater, and etc. Capacity from 26 to 3,200 m3



1. Providing sales service, installation of solar panels, wind turbines. Septic tanks, drinking water tanks and equipment of international quality and standards

2. Deliver on time, adhere to moral principles

3. Focus on helping to solve problems for customers sincerity.

4. Promote the development of high-performance people to work and have a good quality of life.

5. Adopt it system for management and marketing


Striving to be a leader who provides services, sales, installations Solar Panel Wind Turbine Septic tanks, drinking water tanks and related equipment with excellent standards and services.

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Committed to producing quality products and services Maintain an environment with safety, care for customers, continually improving

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